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This page is for those of us that would rather try to fix it ourselves! Many times a small problem, a minor detail, a simple overlooked possibility can become a major problem. These problems can cause lost time, money, patients, and can become very frustrating. In an attempt to help with these problems (Small and Big) I am creating this page. There will be a place to ask questions about anything mechanical, from weedeaters to bulldozers, in the hope that someone will have an answer for you! There will be a mailing list for anyone that wants to join, where you will recieve (In your e-amil) all the questions asked, and all the answers given, you will be able to reply to any question, or answer simply by clicking on reply, but only if you are on the mailing list!

This page is not just for shade tree mechanics, or someone that wants to put a new carburator gasket on their weedeater, this page is for everyone, beginners doing something mechanical for the first time, professionals that have been doing mechanical work for years, someone that does mechanical work once in awhile! We all run upon a problem now and again that stumps us, YES, even professionals need answers sometimes! I should know, I have been a mechanic for over 30 years, I am the owner of Vance Small Engine Repair, and I still need to ask questions sometimes.

So if you have a question you need answered, why not ask it here? I don't guarantee you will get an answer, but, I do know that someone else may see the problem from another view point than you do, which in turn will give you another place to look for your problem. This works, I do it often!

So go on, ask a question, and come on answer one too!

Tim Vance

Questions and Answers !

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