ATKINS Ida Blanche:

(5) John Henry WHITE b. unk, d. unk, m. unk to: + Ida Blanche ATKINS b. unk, d. unk.

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______________________________________________________________________ ATKINS Henry H.:

Henry H. ATKINS b. 15-Sep-1886 d. 7-Jul-1952

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______________________________________________________________________ ATKINS Stella M. :

(6) Millard Fillmore BALL (Rozella 5) (Mary 4) (Elizabeth 3) (James 2) (Abner 1) was born 10-May-1909. He married Stella M. ATKINS.

Children of Millard Fillmore BALL and Stella M. ATKINS:

(7) Juanita BALL b. 1929.

(7) Leon BALL b. 1930.

(7) Leroy BALL b. 1931.

(7) Anna Gay BALL b. 1932.

(7) Rosabella BALL b. 1933.

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