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White Surname Links Page

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White Alyce Jayne   b. 1940

White April L.   b. 1975

White Austin Jay   b. 1998

White Carolyn Gladys   b. 1959

White Claude Burton   b.

White Cynthia Diane   b.

White Dorothy Ellen   b. 1917

White Florence   "Canterbury"   b. 1911

White Gertrude   b.

White Harold Wayne   b. 1947

White Henry Lee   "Sr."   b. 1914

White Henry Lee   "Jr."   b. 1944

White Jack Ronald   b. 1938

White Jimmie Edward   b. 1946

White John   b.

White June Isabella   b. 1928

White Justin Harold   b. 1996

White Mariah C.   b.

White Mary   b.

White Naomi Virgie   "Butch"   b. 1916

White Patsy Iris   b. 1942

White Peggy Lynn   b. 1961

White Steve Randolph   b. 1950

White Stewart Allen   b. 1955

White Stewart Allen   "Jr."   b. 1976

White Thomas Witten   b. 1892

White Timothy D.   b. 1978

White Helen Lucille   b. 1943