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Thought For Today 9-Mar-2004

Thought For Today


Matthew Chapter 27 tells about what Jesus did for us.

Mark Chapter 15 tells about what Jesus did for us.

Luke Chapter 23 tells about what Jesus did for us.

I suggest you read those three chapters in your bible. If you don't have a bible, click on the link below and you will be taken to a website that has the Holy Bible on-line and you can read them there. If the URL don't come through as a link then type it into your browser and click on go. If you don't want to do that let me know and I will e-mail you the three chapters in an e-mail. If you need them in large print let me know I will enlarge the print before e-mailing. The point is you need to read these three chapters.

Holy Bible On-line

Several of the people who recieve the thought for today, and several who do the bible studies wanted to hear my opinion on Mel Gibson's movie, Passion of the Christ. If you have saw the movie I suggest you read the chapters above, if you haven't saw the movie but you plan to, you need to read the three chapters mentioned above before seeing it. If you haven't saw it, and don't plan on going to see it I suggest you change your mind and go.

The movie is in aramic (Don't know if I spelled that right) the language spoken by Jesus when he walked the earth. There are english sub-titles at the bottom of the screen, but there is not as much talking in the movie as I expected. A picture speaks louder than a thousand words anyway, and this is definately true for this movie.

I have read about Jesus being accused, scourged or chastised, and then having to bear the weight of his crucificition cross as he walked to Calvary's Hill, to be crucified. Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? Remember the frustration, and aggrevation of not being believed when you attempted to defend yourself, but no one would listen. Jesus knew he was going to be found guilty, and he knew he was going to die for things he did not do, he knew he was going to die for the things we have done, he knew he was going to die for every sin committed by every human that believed and gave their heart to God from that day until the day he comes back for his church. Jesus said nothing to defend himself.

I strongly reccomend the movie to everyone. If you have young children that have been attending church and they have heard what Jesus did for us, and how he died, then they would most likely understand the movie, and it may do them some good to see it, that would be the decision of the parents. The movie is graphic during the scourging scene, and the crucifiction scene. There is a lot of blood, and the treatment Jesus recieves from the soldiers, and most of the people is very barbaric, and extremely cruel.

As I said I have read about Jesus being accused, chastised, and crucified. I have imagined what he must have went through as all of this was happening to him. A lot of people say: well, he was Christ, he was God in the flesh, yes he was! The key word there is flesh! He was human, he felt pain, he felt rejection, he felt hatered, he felt betrayed, he felt loneliness, he felt every feeling we have. The only difference is he felt all those feelings not only for himself, but for us too! The pain he must have endured had to be horrible. The cat of ninetails shredded his flesh, and left long gashing wounds everytime they hit him, all thirty nine times! According to my math that would be 351 gashes. The cat of ninetails had 9 tails, and he was hit 39 times, so that would be 351 times the cat of ninetails dug into his flesh leaving gaping wounds! To think about someone going through that is tough, but to see it brings it to reality. The crown of thorns was not a little raspberry vine, no it was a crown of thorns. I don't know the length of the thorns that was actually pushed down in Jesus' head, but if the movie was even close then it was very painful. The crown of thorns in the movie had 2 inch thorns on it, and they used sticks to force it down in his scalp, very graphic again. I believe the pain would have been unbearable for most people. Then he was forced to carry the heavy wooden cross on his back which they had shredded with the cat of nine tails, think about that. Those gashes all over his back with the nerves exposed and the weight of that cross pushing, and sliding, and moving across his back! I can't even imagine what he went through. Then he was nailed to the cross, think about that. Nails drove through his hands and feet. Have you ever hung a picture, have you ever nailed a skin to the barn wall to dry or seen it done, have you ever nailed boards together, consider being nailed to a tree, Jesus was. I am sure crucificition is one of the most horrible ways to die man could ever come up with. But, Jesus was more than crucified, he was beaten beyond recognition before he was nailed to the tree, he was belittled, spit on, humiliated, beat with reeds, slapped, kicked, punched, the pain and punishment he endured was for us, he didn't have to do it! He could have called a legion of angels at anytime to destroy the ones that were treating him that way, but he chose not to, he chose to suffer untold agony so that we wouldn't have to if we chose not to! If you don't know God, consider a change in your life, because hell will be worse than what Jesus suffered, and it will be forever.

Watch the movie, and as you do remember this really happened. Remember God is real! Jesus is real! Hell is real!

Tim V.