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    MaCrory     Madison     Mahalaleel     Manning     Mar     Marcomir     Markenfield     Marshall     Matherly     Matney     Mauley     McCoy     McDonald     McDowell     McCurry     McGee     McGhee     McGlothlin     McKenzie     McKinney     McGuire     Meadows     Means     Menteith     Mercado     Mere     Merriet     Merritt     Methusaleh     Merodochus     Miller     Minix     Mitchell     Molle     Monterilier     Montfort     Montgomerie     Morris     Mullins     Munchensi     Mure     Mutter    

MACRORY Jean De Bute {b. 1212}

MAHALALEEL {b. 3705 B.C.}

MANNING Hazel {b.}

MAR Isabel Matilda De "Queen" {b. }





MARSHALL Maud "Matilda" {b.1192}

MARSHALL William "Sir" {b. }


MATNEY Jane {b.}

MAULEY Constance De {b. }

MCCOY Charlie Franklin {b. }

MCCOY Donald Bryant {b. 1956}

MCCOY Douglas Bruce {b. 1956}

MCCOY Gregory Allen {b. 1954}

MCCOY Gregory Jay {b. 1973}

MCCOY Jasper Newton "Nute" {b. 1893}

MCCOY Jay Junior {b. 1926 }

MCCOY Jay Randolph {b. 1952}

MCCOY Jayson James {b. 1984}

MCCOY Jessica Ann {b. 1983}

MCCOY Joni Sue {b. 1961}

MCCOY Melissa Dawn {b. 1979}

MCCOY Norma Jean {b. 1959}

MCCOY Pamela Elizabeth {b. 1957}

MCCOY Sarah Marie {b. 1981}

MCCOY Sondra Jean {b. 1977}

MCDONALD Mary Bane {b. 1827}

MCDOWELL Margaret {b. }

MCDOWELL Uchtred {b.}

MCGHEE Ashley Nicole {b. 1981}

MCGHEE Millard Donald {b.1939}

MCGHEE Millard Donald Jr. {b. 1957}

MCGHEE Millard Donald III {b. 1980}


MCGLOTHLIN Elizabeth {b. 1829}


MCKENZIE Henry {b.}

MCKINNEY Marinda "Rinda" {b.}

MCGUIRE Fred {b.}

MCGUIRE Peggy Pauline {b.}

MEADOWS Anna {b.}

MENTEITH Roberti "Earl" {b.}

MERCADO Rosalie Eman {b. 1976}

MERE Margaret {b.}

MERRIET Margaret {b.}

MERRITT Rachel {b.}

METHUSALEH {b. 3317 B.C.}


MINIX Lona A. {b.}

MINIX Willimina Ann {b.}

MITCHELL Eric Allen {b. 1980}

MITCHELL Ronald Lee {b. }

MOLLE Eschyna De {b. 1110}

MONTERILIER Judith De {b. 994}

MONTFORT Bertrade {b.}

MONTGOMERIE Elizabeth {b.}

MORRIS Elizabeth E. {b.}

MORRIS Hattie Jane {b.}

MORRIS Lou Frances {b.}

MORRIS Mary Ellen {b. 1889}

MULLINS Elizabeth "Bettie" {b.}

MULLINS Florence "Flora" {b.}

MULLINS George W. {b. 1853}

MULLINS Gracie {b.}

MULLINS John Smith {b.}

MULLINS Levada {b.}

MULLINS Noah {b.}


MUNCHENSI Hubert De {b.}

MURE Adam {b. 1290}

MURE Elizabeth {b. 1320}


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