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"DAVIS" Surname

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Davis Allie Irene   b. 1937

Davis Amanda B.   b.

Davis Annie   b.

Davis Authur McKinley   b. 1919

Davis Billie Donald   b. 1940

Davis Bobby Lee   b. 1949

Davis Buford Hayward   b. 1938

Davis Charles   b. 1874

Davis Chad Allen   b.

Davis Danny b.

Davis Earl b.

Davis Edna   b. 1896/97

Davis Eliza Jane   b. 1855

Davis Eliza Jane   b.

Davis Eliza R.   b. 1897/98

Davis Ellis Perry   b. 1909

Davis Faye b.

Davis Garnie   b. 1915/16

Davis Gary Charles   b.

Davis Gary Wayne b.

Davis Grace E.   b. 1904/05

Davis Harlan b.

Davis Jackie Lee   b. 1949

Davis James Authur   b. 1951

Davis James W.   b. 1858

Davis Jamie   b.

Davis Jerry Dennis   b. 1951

Davis Jimmy Arthur   b. 1943

Davis Joe Darrell   b. 1947

Davis John W.   b. 1857/57

Davis Josephine   b. 1885

Davis Josie (b. )

Davis Josie   b. 1902/03

Davis Judy b.

Davis Kenneth Junior   b. 1953

Davis Larence   b.

Davis Larry Wayne   b.

Davis Linda b.

Davis Luther   b.

Davis Lydia M.   b. 1890

Davis Mark b.

Davis Maggie   b. 1911/12

Davis Milton   1891

Davis Moses   b.

Davis Nancy C.   b. 1860/61

Davis Nona   b. 1897

Davis Nonie   b. 1906/07

Davis Nora Grace   b. 1906/07

Davis Ocie   b. 1910/11

Davis Olbert   b. 1912

Davis Oliver   b. 1896/97

Davis Oliver   b. 1893

Davis Omrey   b. 1920

Davis Patty   b.

Davis Reece b. 1810

Davis Reece   b. 1875

Davis Ricky Lee   b.

Davis Rosa F.   b. 1900

Davis Ruth Virginiabelle   b. 1902

Davis Ruthey   b.

Davis Samuel Crockett   b. 1884/85

Davis Steve b.

Davis Ted   b.

Davis Thomas P.   b. 1872

Davis Timmy Wayne   b. 1957

Davis Tyree b. 1830

Davis Vicey   b.

Davis Walter   b. 1909

Davis Wanda Carroll   b. 1950

Davis William F.   b. 1851