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SHORT Surname

SHORT Alice   b. 1875

SHORT Amos T.   b.

SHORT Amos T.   b. 1849

SHORT Aulbert   b.

SHORT Aulbert   b. 1931

SHORT Celia Louise   b. 1886

SHORT Charles   b.

SHORT Dennis {b.}

SHORT Gerald Keith   b.

SHORT Gwendolyn Denise   b.

SHORT Jack   b.

SHORT Joe Harrison   b. 1889

SHORT Joseph   b.

SHORT Kathy Dianna   b.

SHORT Ollie Rachael   b.

SHORT Patsy Lynn   b. 1956

SHORT Patsy Lynn   b.

SHORT Roy Garner   b. 1907

SHORT Sarah Katherine   b. 1893

SHORT Stuart E.   b.

SHORT Walter Lee   b. 1892