Boyd Family Cemetery, Buchanan County, Virginia

The information below was provided by James R. Boyd, This information is greatly appreciated James.

Directions= Leaving Richlands Va. Go West on US Route 460 to Shortts Gap. Turn right on State route 629. Go to the top of the mountain which is 8/10 of a mile. Turn left go 4/10 of a mile. Turn right go 6/10 of a mile or the second road to the right, turn right this road goes up a hill, go 9/10 of a mile make a real sharp left and go up a hill. This is the only rough road other than being a gravel road. The cemetery is about 300 yards up this road. This area is gated you need a key to get in and out. You can get a key at Consol office at Claypool Hill Va.

There are app. 28 graves maybe more that we haven't found.

1. Samuel Boyd, born 1846, died 1925

2. Boyd

3. Boyd

4. Boyd

5. Boyd --- 2, 3, 4 and 5 Have nothing but boyd on the stones. We think this is wrong. We believe these to be James T.and Margaret Pruitt's children but we have no proof.

6. Rutter Children, There are three children burried in the same grave. They were killed in a house fire. Their names are not on the stone. These are the children of George and Rosa Belle Rutter. I have their names in case anybody wants them. Contact me at:

7. George Rutter, born-1902, died-1959 Father of the above 3 children

8. Earnest Ball, born, 1942, died, 2001

9. Celia Boyd, born, 1912, no death date

10. Jonah Boyd, 23-Nov-1909, 17-Apr-1926

11. Doc Boyd, son of # 1, No dates

12. Nanny Boyd, May-1916, no death date

13. Sarelda R.Boyd, Aug-1911, no death date

14. William R.Boyd, May-1875, 11-Jan-1923

15. Nancy J.Boyd, Mar-1878, Nov-1954, Wife of # 14

16. Charles V. Kuntz, 1907, 1984, Husband of Lilly Mae Rose, Daughter of William S.A. Rose

17. Alveris Rose, 1932, 2000

18. Mary Rose, 1902, 1990

19. William S.A.Rose, 1874, 1972 Husband of #18

20. Claude Rose

21. Youfadis Rose

22. Viola Rose

20, 21, and 22 Have Boyd on their stone. But they are the children of William S.A.. Rose and Mary Rose.

23. Mary Boyd = My mother

24. Lee Edward Boyd, born, 24-Apr-1930, died, 24-Apr-1930

25. Dolly Ilean Boyd, born, 26-Mar-1936, died, 26-Mar-1936

26. James Delano Boyd, born, 20-Aug-1939, died, 24-Sep-1941

27. Nellie Ann Boyd, born, 4-Oct-1942, died, 4-Oct-1942

24, 25, 26.and 27 are the children of Joseph Samuel and Kezia Angeline Boyd

28. Sparrell Boyd, born, 1922, died, 1988

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