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SMITH Surname

SMITH Abinda Louise {b.1884}

SMITH Bessie Susie {b.1920}

SMITH Caleb "Cobb" {b.1847}

SMITH Drewey "Drury" {b.1848}

SMITH Estill {b.}

SMITH Frank {b.1862}

SMITH Jackson {b.1853}

SMITH James {b.}

SMITH John R. {b.1825}

SMITH Katie {b.}

SMITH Maggie {b.}

SMITH Maria {b.1855}

SMITH Millie Irene {b.1899}

SMITH Patricia {b.}

SMITH Robert {b.}

SMITH Robert Dwight {b.}

SMITH Robert D. {b.1875}

SMITH Robert M. "Richard" {b.1858}

SMITH Susan E. {b.}

SMITH Unk. {b.}

SMITH Wallace Matthew

SMITH William {b.1800}