The people of the United States Of America know what Old Glory means to them, and the Terrorist of the World will soon find out what it means to US!

A New Day Is Dawning

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"E" Surnames

EASTERLING Delilah Frances {b. 1861}

EASTERLING Jessie {b. }

EASTERLING Wiley W. {b.}

ELAM Alamarinda {b. 1856}

ELAM Bert {b.}

ELAM Donald Ray {b. 1934}

ELAM Edna M. {b. 1912}

ELAM Jeremiah M. "Squire" {b.}

ELAM Major Green {b. 1900}

ELAM Mattie {b.}

ELAM Myrtle {b. 1918}

ELAM Nancy "Cele,Celia,Sally" {b.1878}

ELAM Phoebe {b.}

ELAM Rennie {b. }

ELAM Richard "Zachary Taylor" {b. 1848}

ELAM Russell Byron {b.}

ELAM Toney Lee {b. 1894}


ELLINGTON Georgeann {b.}

ELLIS Minnie Bay (b. 1896)

ELLIS Phillip (b. 1785)

ELLIS Robert Lee (b. 1870)

ELLIS Simpson (b. 1834)

ELLIS Squire (b. 1812)

ELSWICK Dorinda "Marinda" {b.}

ELSWICK Eliza Jane {b. 1828}

ELSWICK Isabella {b. 1861}

ELSWICK John {b.}

ELSWICK Rosie {b.}

ELSWICK Sam C. {b.}

ELSWICK Tolbert J. {b.}

ENGLE nelson {b.}

ENGLE Virgie {b. 1900}

ENOCH {b. 3382 B.C.}

ENOS {b. 3769 B.C.}


ERSKINE Alice {b. 1297}


EU Adele De {b.}

EVEREAUX Robert Of {b. 965}

EVE Of God {b. 4004 B.C.}

EVES Dorothy {b.}


EYSTEINSDOTTER Svanhild {b. 850}

EYSTEINSSON Malahule Haldrick {b. 835}

EYSTEINSSON Ragnald I {b. 830}


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A New Day Is Dawning
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