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Tim Vance

DABNEY John {b. ??}

DABNEY Susannah {b. ??}

DANZIELSTOUR Joanna J. {b. 1275}

DARDANUS "Darda" {b.}

A'VRANCHES Richard {b. 1025}

DAWNEY Anne {b. ??}

D'AXRERRE Petronille {b. ??}

DAVIDSON "FNU" {b. ??}

DAVIS Danny {b. ??}

DAVIS Earl {b. ??}

DAVIS Faye {b. ??}

DAVIS Gary Wayne {b. ??}

DAVIS Harlan {b. ??}

DAVIS Judy {b. ??}

DAVIS Linda {b. ??}

DAVIS Mark {b. ??}

DAVIS Reece {b. 1810}

DAVIS Steve {b. ??}

DAVIS Tyree {b. 1830}

DEBORD George {b. ??}

DEBORD James {b. ??}

DEBORD James {b. ??}

DEBORD John {b. ??}

DEBORD Sarah Ann {b. ??}

DEMPSEY Joseph {b.}

DEMPSEY Sarah Ann "Tena" {b.}

DESKINS Jeff {b. ??}




DOUGLAS Archibald {b. 1390}

DOUGLAS Catherine {b. ??}

DOUGLAS Margaret {b. ??}

DULANEY Mary Routt {b. ??}

DUXIA {b. ??}

DYE Mike {b.}

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Tim V.

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