What These Pages Contain!

I do have other pass times besides genealogy, altho genealogy is my favorite! On the following pages will be other passtimes of mine. One of my other favorite pass times is TRAINS! I have a passion for trains, Steam trains, Diesel Locomotives, Electric Trains, all kinds of trains.

I will start my other pages with TRAINS! I have some pictures of different types of trains, and that is what you will find here. There is no certain way the pictures will be arranged, they will just be here for enjoyment. So if you like trains, take a look at these!

There are also some old train pictures, with people in them, but, I have no idea who they are. If I know anything about the picture, I will tell what I know, but, if there is no information about the picture, then I don't know anything about it. These are just pictures I have gathered over the years. ENJOY!




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