(3) Elizabeth Ellen VANCE (James VANCE 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born 1832 in Kanawha Co. Va. She died aft. 1875. She married 1st: William ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE, bef. 1850. She married 2nd: Thomas HUNTER 0n 7-Jul-1856 in Boone County, Va. He is the s/o Robert HUNTER & Elizabeth TAYLOR.

Children or Elizabeth Ellen VANCE and William ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE:

(4) Isaac ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE b. 1850.

Children of Elizabeth Ellen VANCE and Thomas HUNTER:

(4) Martha HUNTER b. 1854.

(4) Mary Ann HUNTER b. 1854.

(4) Margaret HUNTER b. 1855.

(4) Millie HUNTER b. 1858.

(4) Jeanette HUNTER b. 1864.

(4) Robert L. HUNTER b. 1864.

(4) Elizabeth HUNTER b. 1865.

(4) Samuel HUNTER b. 1870.

(4) William Thomas HUNTER b. 1875.

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______________________________________________________________________ ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE Isaac:

(4) Isaac ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE (Elizabeth Ellen "VANCE" ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE (3) (James VANCE 2) (Abner VANCE 1) was born 13-Sep-1850 in Gallia County, Ohio. He died 16-Apr-1902 in Boone County, WVa. He married 1st: Sarah BROWNING on 16-Apr-1872 in Boone County, WVa. She is the d/o Isaac BROWNING and Christina ELLIS. He married 2nd: Rebecca BROWNING on 9-Nov-1901 in Logan County, WVa. She is the d/o William BROWNING and Missouri BROWNING.

Children of Isaac ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE and Sarah BROWNING:

(5) William Edmund ALESHIRE b. 1871

(5) Samuel Everett ALESHIRE b. 1875.

(5) Evelina F. ALESHIRE b. 1877.

(5) Robert H. ALESHIRE b. 1879.

(5) Lucretia ALESHIRE b. 1882.

(5) John Henry ALESHIRE b. 1884.

(5) Louvena ALESHIRE b. 1886.

(5) Walter ALESHIRE b. 1888.

(5) Mary F. ALESHIRE b. 1895.

(5) Nancy E. ALESHIRE b. 1895.

(5) Esther ALESHIRE b. 1897.

(5) Elmer ALESHIRE b. 1890.

Children of Isaac ABSHIRE-ALESHIRE and Rebecca BROWNING:

(5) Elizabeth ALESHIRE b. 1902.

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