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VANCE Abner {b. 1750-60}

VANCE Abner {b. ??}

VANCE Abner "abby" "Dock"   b. 1910

VANCE Abner Jr. {b. 1796}

VANCE Abner H. {b. 1837}

VANCE Abner "Sr."   b. 1872

VANCE Acenthia {b. ??}

VANCE Ada M. {b. }

VANCE Aileen {b. }

VANCE Alafair {b. 1885}

VANCE Albert S. {b. 1878}

VANCE Alexander {b. ??}

VANCE Alexander {b. ??}

VANCE Alexander {b. 1860}

VANCE Alexander Whitten {b. 1848}

VANCE Alfred   b. 1936

VANCE Allen Mareen {b. 1857}

VANCE Alonzo {b. }

VANCE Alta {b. ??}

VANCE Amanda Jayne {b. 1980}

VANCE America {b. ??}

VANCE Andrew {b. 1666}

VANCE Andrew 2nd {b. ??}

VANCE Andrew Jackson   b.

VANCE Andrew Paris {b. }

VANCE Anissa Nicole {b. }

VANCE Ann {b. ??}

VANCE Anna Louise {b. 1846}

VANCE Anna M. {b. }

VANCE Annie Nela {b. }

VANCE Arthur {b. 1883}

VANCE Aubrey {b. }

VANCE Austin Calvin {b. }

VANCE Balford Reggie {b. 1925}

VANCE Balford Reggie Jr. {b. }

VANCE Barbara Ellen {b. 1884}

VANCE Bersheba   b.

VANCE Bertha Elender {b. 1912}

VANCE Bessie S. {b. }

VANCE Bethel Norwood {b. }

VANCE Billie Jo {b. 1939}

VANCE Bill   b.

VANCE Billy   b. 1923

VANCE Billy Gene   b.

VANCE Brandi Nicole {b. 1992}

VANCE Brook Jane   b. 1898

VANCE Bruce {b. 1892}

VANCE Buford {b. }

VANCE Bulah Mae "Clara" {b. 1920}

VANCE Caitlin Noira {b. 1984}

VANCE Carlie Kansas {b. 1885}

VANCE Carrie {b. 1854}

VANCE Cassandra {b. ??}

VANCE Celia Caroline {b. ??}

VANCE Clara Maxine {b.}

VANCE Clay Turner {b. }

VANCE Charles Crockett {b. 1889}

VANCE Charles frederick "Freddy"   b. 1935

VANCE Charles Thomas {b. 1858}

VANCE Christopher Kevin {b. 1961}

VANCE Christopher Kyle {b. ??}

VANCE Cindy   b. 1922

VANCE Clarice {b. ??}

VANCE Cleveland {b. }

VANCE Clifford   b. 19xx

VANCE Clint R. {b. 1910}

VANCE Columbus {b. }

VANCE Corene {b. }

VANCE Corilda Alice {b. 1975}

VANCE Cornelius {b. 1885}

VANCE Cynthia   b. 1902

VANCE Daisy Alice {b. }

VANCE Dallas Eugene {b. }

VANCE Darby Kelly   b.

VANCE Darby Kelly   Jr.   b.

VANCE David Anderson {b.}

VANCE David {b. ??}

VANCE David {b. }

VANCE David {b. 1844}

VANCE David H. {b. 1863}

VANCE Denney {b. }

VANCE Donald {b. }

VANCE Dora {b. ??}

VANCE Dora Belle {b. 1878}

VANCE Dorothy   b.

VANCE Dorothy   b. 1944

VANCE Edward L. {b.}

VANCE Elbert   b. 19xx

VANCE Ellis   b.

VANCE Elijah {b. ??}

VANCE Elijah {b. 1849}

VANCE Elijah {b. 1868}

VANCE Elijah {b. }

VANCE Elijah "Cobby"   b. 1925

VANCE Eliza Belle {b. }

VANCE Elizabeth {b. 1794}

VANCE Elizabeth {b. 1854}

VANCE Elizabeth "Deliz" (b. 1735)

VANCE Elizabeth Ellen {b. ??}

VANCE Elizabeth Nell {b. ??}

VANCE Ellen   b. 19xx

VANCE Elmer {b. ??}

VANCE Elmer Goebel {b. }

VANCE Elmo Athen {b. }

VANCE Enoch "Strawberry"   b. 1919

VANCE Enos "Red"   b. 1922

VANCE Ephraim {b. 1715}

VANCE Ephraim "Epherm" "Eff"   b. 1917

VANCE Eric Taylo {b. 1982}

VANCE Eugene {b. }

VANCE Eunice {b. 1889}

VANCE Everett   b. 1940

VANCE Evly C. {b. 1889}

VANCE Ezekeal Dustin {b. 1996}

VANCE Fanny A. {b. }

VANCE Faye   b.

VANCE Fields Alford "Pete" {b.}

VANCE Fields Joshua {b. 1882}

VANCE Frances Ann {b. 1879}

VANCE Fred {b. ??}

VANCE Fred Adair {b. }

VANCE Fredrick Anderson {b. 1858}

VANCE Frederick {b. 1891}

VANCE Garland C. {b. }

VANCE Gary Scott {b. 1952}

VANCE Gene   b. 19xx

VANCE George "Lafe"   b. 1926

VANCE George Howard {b. 1895}

VANCE George Nelson {b. }

VANCE George Thomas {b. }

VANCE George Washington {b. }

VANCE Gladys   b. 19xx

VANCE Grace B. {b. }

VANCE Green Wade {b. }

VANCE Haretta A. {b. }

VANCE Harli Elaine {b. 1990}

VANCE Harvey Howard {b. 1887}

VANCE Henry F. {b. 1894}

VANCE Henry Lacy {b. }

VANCE Henry P. {b. 1895}

VANCE Henry Preston {b. }

VANCE Henry Rowland {b. }

VANCE Henry Wise {b. 1877}

VANCE Homer   b.

VANCE Hubert {b. }

VANCE Ian Scott {b. 1986}

VANCE Ira {b.}

VANCE Isabella {b. 1815}

VANCE Jack {b. 1893}

VANCE Jacob F. {b. }

VANCE James {b. 1784}

VANCE James {b. ??}

VANCE James A. {b. }

VANCE James Anderson {b. ??}

VANCE James E. {b. }

VANCE James Harvey {b. }

VANCE James H. {b. 1867}

VANCE James H. {b. 1881}

VANCE James Harvey {b. 1819}

VANCE James Howard {b. 1826}

VANCE James W. {b.}

VANCE Jane {b. 1872}

VANCE Janetta Sue   b. 1941

VANCE Jeff {b.}

VANCE Jennifer Michelle {b. 1971}

VANCE Jesse E. {b. }

VANCE Jesse Monroe {b. 1905}

VANCE Jinney {b. 1847}

VANCE John {b. }

VANCE John {b. 1650}

VANCE John {b. ??}

VANCE John {b. 1781}

VANCE John {b. 1839}

VANCE John   b. 1870

VANCE John Sr. {b. ??}

VANCE John C. {b. }

VANCE John Clay {b. 1818}

VANCE John Clay Jr. {b. 1862}

VANCE John Floyd {b. 1852}

VANCE John Jerry   b. 1942

VANCE John M. {b. }

VANCE John Patterson {b. 1840}

VANCE John Patton {b. 1853}

VANCE John Riley {b. }

VANCE John Robert {b.}

VANCE John Vans {b. 1574}

VANCE John Vans {b. 1596}

VANCE John Wesley {b. 1815}

VANCE Jonas Hamilton {b. 1861}

VANCE Joseph   B. 1872

VANCE Josie Vanner {b. ??}

VANCE Joyce {b. }

VANCE Judy   b. 19xx

VANCE Julie   b. 1913

VANCE Justin Timothy {b. 2001}

VANCE Kelcey Ann {b. 1976}

VANCE Kelly {b. 1887}

VANCE Kelly C. {b. }

VANCE Kelly Michael   b.

VANCE Kenneth   b. 19xx

VANCE Khara Leigh {b. 1977}

VANCE Lancelot {b. 1625}

VANCE Lawrence Cale {b. 1907}

VANCE Lawrence   b. 1956

VANCE Leah   b. 1911

VANCE Leah Opal {b. ??}

VANCE Lee William {b. }

VANCE Leliah   b. 1916

VANCE Lena {b. }

VANCE Lenard   b. 1953

VANCE Levi Jackson {b. 1824}

VANCE Linnie   b. 1915

VANCE Lloyd   b. 19xx

VANCE Loame   b.

VANCE Lorenzo "Ranz"   b. Abt. 1908

VANCE Louisa {b. 1887}

VANCE Lucinda {b. 1825}

VANCE Lusanda "Lulu" {b. }

VANCE Maggie {b. 1899}

VANCE Malinda W. {b. 1857}

VANCE Margie   b. 19xx

VANCE Marie {b. ??}

VANCE Marinda {b. 1823}

VANCE Marion {b. }

VANCE Marion Augustus "Gus" {b. }

VANCE Martha Louise {b. }

VANCE Marvin Howard {b.}

VANCE Mary {b.1820}

VANCE Mary Amelia {b. 1796}

VANCE Mary A. {b. }

VANCE Mary Edna {b. 1938}

VANCE Mary Ellen {b. 1860}

VANCE Mary Etta {b.}

VANCE Mary F. {b.}

VANCE Mary Jane {b. 1848}

VANCE Mary Jane {b. ??}

VANCE Maude {b. }

VANCE May {b. 1886}

VANCE Megan Ashley {b. 1980}

VANCE Meekin   b.

VANCE Meekin S.   b.

VANCE Melvin L. {b. 1882}

VANCE Michael Dakota {b. 1996}

VANCE Miles {b. 1870}

VANCE Millard {b. }

VANCE Millard Filmore   b. 1920

VANCE Minda {b. 1879}

VANCE Minerva {b. 1811}

VANCE Minnie M. {b. }

VANCE Miranda D. {b. }

VANCE Miranda L. {b. }

VANCE Mollie {b. 1874}

VANCE Molly   b. 1934

VANCE Molly Ellen {b. ??}

VANCE Nancy {b. ??}

VANCE Nancy {b. 1860}

VANCE Nancy A. {b. }

VANCE Nancy A. (b. 1813)

VANCE Nancy Carol {b. 1936}

VANCE Nancy E. {b. 1891}

VANCE Nancy M. {b.}

VANCE Nancy R. {b. 1876}

VANCE Noah {b. }

VANCE Noah {b.}

VANCE Noah   b. 1932

VANCE Nora E. {b. }

VANCE Ollie Burns {b. 1891}

VANCE Ollie Mae {b. 1884}

VANCE Opal Oma {b. }

VANCE Oscar L. {b. }

VANCE Overlene   b.

VANCE Patrick {b. 1496}

VANCE Patty Belle {b. 1875}

VANCE Paris Wade {b. }

VANCE Paul {b. 1926}

VANCE Pearl {b. 1899}

VANCE Pearl Matt {b. 1887}

VANCE Priscilla Ann {b. 1977}

VANCE Rachael   b. 1909

VANCE Raleigh C. {b. }

VANCE Ralph {b. ??}

VANCE Rebecca {b.}

VANCE Reece {b. 1861}

VANCE Rex {b. ??}

VANCE Rhoda Jane {b. }

VANCE Richard {b. 1792}

VANCE Richard   Jr.   b.

VANCE Richard Ardle {b. }

VANCE Richard Rodney {b. 1953}

VANCE Rhoda J. {b. 1827}

VANCE Rhoda L. {b. 1873}

VANCE Robert   b. 1896

VANCE Robert Henry {b. }

VANCE Roland Bias   b. 1838

VANCE Roland Bias "R. B."   b. 1897

VANCE Roland   b. 1937

VANCE Ronald G. {b. }

VANCE Ronald G. Jr. {b. }

VANCE Rose Lee {b. ??}

VANCE Rosannah {b. 1856}

VANCE Roy {b. }

VANCE Ruth {b. ??}

VANCE Ruth   b. 19xx

VANCE Sally   b. 1893

VANCE Sally   b.

VANCE Sampson L. {b. ??}

VANCE Samuel {b. ??}

VANCE Samuel {b. }

VANCE Sandra Leigh {b. 1944}

VANCE Sarah {b. 1811}

VANCE Sarah E. {b. 1863}

VANCE Sarah "Sally" {b. 1817}

VANCE Sarah Jane {b. }

VANCE Sena "Alena" {b. 1791}

VANCE Shawna   b. 19xx

VANCE Silas Lorn {b. 1889}

VANCE Stella May {b. }

VANCE Sterling   b. 1923

VANCE Steve {b.}

VANCE Susannah (b. 1815)

VANCE Susannah {b. 1821}

VANCE Susanna   b. 1879

VANCE Tabitha "Tabby" {b. 1782}

VANCE Thelma   b.

VANCE Tiffany Ann {b. 1997}

VANCE Timothy Gerard {b. 1955}

VANCE Timothy Joshua {b. 1979}

VANCE Uriah   b. 1894

VANCE Verda Talse {b. }

VANCE Vernon   b. 1925

VANCE Vicey F. {b. 1862}

VANCE Violet {b. ??}

VANCE Virgie   b. 1920

VANCE Virgie   b. 1930

VANCE Walter {b. }

VANCE Washington   b.

VANCE Washington Lee "Jr."   b. 1902

VANCE Washington Lee "Sr."   1864

VANCE William {b. }

VANCE William Bryan {b. }

VANCE William F. {b. 1864}

VANCE William Harley {b. 1855}

VANCE William Harley {b. 1916}

VANCE William Harley 2nd {b. 1947}

VANCE William Harley 3rd {b. 1982}

VANCE William Harvey {b. 1789}

VANCE William Henry "Jim" {b. }

VANCE William Herbert   b. 1902

VANCE William Howard {b. 1828}

VANCE William Howard {b.}

VANCE William Patton {b. 1856}

VANCE William R. "Willie" {b. }

VANCE William W. "Willie" {b. }

VANCE Winford W. {b. }

VANCE Zachary Austin {b. 1994}

VANCE Zel {b. ??}

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