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"R" Surnames

RAGNALDSSON Einar "Turf, Earl Of Orkney" {b.852}

RAGNALDSSON Hrollager {b.854}


RAGNALDSSON Rolf "1st Duke Of Normandy" {b.860}

RAGNALDSSON Thori "Earl Of More" {b.}

RATLIFF Abednego {b.}

RATLIFF Ada {b.}

RATLIFF Lounicy (b. 1878)

RATLIFF Nancy A. "Nannie" {b. }

RATLIFF Rachel {b.1847}

REBEKAH {b.1912 B.C.}

REILLY Rob Hunter {b.1963}

REILLY Seana Leigh {b.1962}

REILLY William Hugh {b.1941}

REINEY Agnes {b.1625}

REINEY Ashe {b.}

REEVES Bethel {b.}


REU "Ragau" {b. }

RICHARD I "The Fearless, 3rd Duke Of Normandy" {b.933}

RICHARD II "The Good, 4th Duke Of Normandy" {b.963}

ROBERTS Lillian Fern {b.}

ROBERTS Tammy {b.}

ROBERT II "The Devil, 6th Duke Of Normandy" {b.1003}

ROGICH Julia {b.}

ROLLOSON Ansfred I "Count Of Hiesmer" {b.937}

ROS Euphemia De {b. 1320}

ROS Hugh De {b.1300}

ROS William De {b.}

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