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"F" Surnames

I will be adding names as time allows.

Tim V.


I'm working on a new system for the Surnames, bear with me...

FALAISE Herleva Of {b.1003}

FARMER Tammy {b. }

FERRERS Agatha De {b.}

FERRERS Elizabeth De {b.}


FORNJOTSSON Kari "King Of Kvenland" {b.185}

FORNJOTUR "King Of Kvenland" {b.160}

FOX Connie Arlene {b.}

FOX Unk. {b.}

FRANCE Isabella Of {b. 1296}

FRANCE Philip IV Of {b.}

FRANCE Robert Prince Of {b.}


FRAZIER Unk. {b.}

FRIEDMAN Donna Lynn {b. 1957}

FRISBY George {b.}

FROSTASSON Jokull {b.240}


FULK I {b.}

FULK II {b.}


FULK IV {b.}

FULK V Flanders {b.}

FUNK Karen   (b.)