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Fox Memorial Cemetery


This cemetery is located on Reynolds Ridge, in Tazewell County, Va. To get to this cemetery take route 67 from Richlands. Once you get to the top of Jewell Ridge stay on this road. When you get to the Mountain Top Grocery bear right up the hill. Go about 1 to 1 1/2 miles and make a right beside of a big pasture field, there is a small fenced in cemetery in the middle of the field. (This is not it) Go about 1 mile and the cemetery is on the left side of the road behind the Reynolds Ridge Community Church. I visited this cemetery on 29-Aug-2001.

Tim V.

(Double Stone) Ermil T. MEADOWS b. 1930 d. 1993 There is a name, but apparently is still living.

Samuel C. ELSWICK b. 17-Jun-1913 d. 14-Nov-1986

Estelle Z. ELSWICK b. 14-Feb-1915 d. 17-Jan-2001

Sam CHRISTIAN b. 1959 d. 2000

(Double Stone) Connor C. FOX b. 1906 d. 1972 Pearl M. FOX b. 1907 d. 1969

(Double Stone) Robert Allen TAYLOR b. 27-Feb-1958 d. 15-Feb-2000 Darrell David TAYLOR b. 9-Mar-1959 d. 8-May-1976

Jessie James SPARKS b. 10-Mar-1973 d. 11-Mar-1973

Ruby D. SWORD b. 5-Sep-1941 d. 20-Aug-1995

(Double Stone0 George J. CHRISTIAN b. 28-Apr-1899 d. 13-Jul-1964 Frankie CHRISTIAN b. 2-Nov-1911 d. 23-Jul-1984

Albert R. ASBURY b. 19-Mar-1909 d. 8-Mar-1968

(Double Stone) There is a name, Apparently still living. Jess H. CRAWFORD b. 1917 d. 1987

Lucille CRAWFORD COLEMAN b. 24-Apr-1913 d. 19-Jun-1982

(Double Stone) W.Y. CRAWFORD b. 9-Jan-1886 d. 22-Oct-1957 Della E. CRAWFORD b. 14-Aug-1890 d. 25-Oct-1966

Lula Grace EVANS b. 8-May-1892 d. 11-Jul-1967

Linnea L. REYNOLDS b. 8-Jun-1849 d. 17-May-1922

G.W. REYNOLDS b. 18-Mar-1841 d. 9-Jun-1916

Alice V., w/o B.C. CORDLE b. 11-May-1873 d. 8-Nov-1913

D.P. REYNOLDS, d/o G.W. & L.L. REYNOLDS b. 17-Jan-1887 d. 5-Mar-1897

Clarence Keith HODGES b. 15-May-1947 d. 26-Dec-1985

Iva HODGES RUSS b. 20-Mar-1917 d. 9-Nov-1986

Luther Oral HODGES b. 31-Aug-1900 d. 16-Jan-1967

Sallie ELSWICK b. 6-Aug-1883 d. 19-Jul-1963

Jennelle BROWN FIELDS b. 1939 d. 1981

Lillie SIMMONS b. 1922 d. 1999

(Double Stone) Margie HARRISON (Dates Buried) Roger HARRISON (Dates Buried)

Judy Ann DUNFORD b. 25-Sep-1950 d. 1-Mar-1951

Ira E. PRUITT b. 11-Oct-1913 d. 7-Feb-1977

Franklin D. PRUITT b. 7-Feb-1938 d. 27-Feb-1972.

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