Jewell Ridge Cemetery


This cemetery is located at Jewell Ridge Va. Tazewell County. I do not know the name of this cemetery, so I will refer to it as the Jewell Ridge Cemetery. To get to this cemetery, take route 67 from Richlands toward Jewell Ridge. Go to the top of the mountain and take a right beside of the Sunset Grocery, this will take you toward the Jewell Ridge Camp. After about 3/4 of a mile there will be a fork in the road, bear right and go about another 1/4 mile. The cemetery is located on the right side of the road up on the hill. It is directly across from the Jewell Ridge Elementary School, and right before you go into the Jewell Ridge Camp. I visited this cemetery on 29-Aug-2001. Below is a list of all of the markers in the cemetery.

Tim V.

Samuel Marvin RATLIFF b. 15-Mar-1909 d. 31-Jul-1951

(Double Stone) James Luther Ratliff b. 1885. d. 1926. Tilda BARRETT b. 1886. d. 1936.

Mrs. T.S. MCGLOTHLIN b. 8-Aug-1859 d. 5-Apr-1918

Timothy S. MCGLOTHLIN b. 12-Apr-1865 d. 22-Jan-1953

(Double Stone) Gloria Jean WHITE b. 1930. d. 1934 Beatrice Lorain WHITE b. 1928 d. 1938

James F. WHITE b. 1878 d. 1934

(Double Stone) George E. RATLIFF b. 27-Mar-1859 d. 27-Apr-1938 Marriah C. RATLIFF b. 16-Oct-1862 d. 9-Jan-1924

Maudy Ellen RATLIFF b. 23-Feb-1896 d. 13-Nov-1900

Harvey A. SAYERS b. 7-Jun-1916 d. 16-Sep-1917

Charles J. ALLRED b. 1860 d. 1913

Twin Sons Of A.G. & Martha WHITED. b. & d. 23-Sep-1936

Lucio FIORINI, s/o Ciuseppe & Angelina FIORINI b. 12-Dec-1920 d. 24-Jan-1922

Stip TYGLYIK, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Geo. TYGLYIK b. 4-Aug-1916 d. 14-Jan-1917

James NEARHOOD b. 13-Jul-1917 d. 11-May-1925

James A. DYE b. 14-Dec-1925 d. 4-Mar-1926

Hilder Virginia JOICE b. 5-Mar-1900 d. 15-Oct-1918

Emmitt R. ARNOLD b. 1920 d. 1985

(Triple Stone) WRIGHT Our Loved Ones Jonce, Richard, Joel b. 1934 d. 1934

Raymon B. WARD b. 11-Jun-1921 d. 7-Feb-1923

(A Single Stone) CHAMBERS

Rufus P. CRIGGER SP5 US ARMY WWII & Korea b. 25-Jan-1919 d. 8-Oct-2000

John W. JOHNSON b. 13-Apr-1903 d. 20-Aug-1953

William V. ARNOLD Va. PFC Co. C 820 ENGR. AVN BN Korea b. 12-Apr-1929 d. 20-Oct-1969

Helen LOWE b. 1927 d. 1985

Claude W. LOWE b. 1921 d. 1996

Hazel KEEN b. 1924 d. 1953

Stephen H. GOSS b. 4-Oct-1882 d. 23-Sep-1950

Mary C. GOSS b. 6-Oct-1878 d. 30-Nov-1954

Rosa Belle GOSS b. 1905 d. 1995

Mazie Della ARNOLD b. 1900 d. 1968

There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Tim V.

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