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On September 11, 2001 the United States Of American was struck by the worst attack ever in the Continental United States. Thousands died, many were injured. This attack took place on American soil inside the Continental United States. Although this attack was in the United States, it was an attack on the Civilized World as a whole.

Now more that a month later the attack continues. Anthrax letters are showing up in our Countires Cities. So far one American Citizen has died from Anthrax, and several more have tested positive for Anthrax. Suspicious letters have shown up in several other countries around the World, but there has been no definate Anthrax reported anywhere but in the United States.

The hijacked airplanes crashing into our buildings, the Anthrax letters, are not an attack on our military as one would think when considering war, this attack is on the citizens of the United States themselves. This attack on Citizens instead of Military Personel, and Military Sites has been going on in other places around the World for years, just not on the scale we saw in the United States. However if these terrorist have their way the entire civilized population of the World will fall under attack from these madmen.

It is apparent to me that these terrorist organizations have a definate plan. They believe that if they attack the citizens of civilized Countries around the World, they will disrupt the Countries, and eventually the people of these Countries will decide that their government cannot protect them. When this happens the infastructure of these Countries will collapse, thus the Country becomes vulnerable. We cannot allow this to happen to any civilized Nation on Earth. We cannot allow this to happen in the United States of America.

What these terrorist don't realize is that we will not allow them to defeat us! The people of the United States of America would rather die, than give up their freedom! They need to be carful about how they attack us. I firmly believe "And Support" that if the United States of American was on the verge of infastructure collapse, our Leaders would not hesitate to make Afghanistan, and any other Country harboring terrorist, a complete wasteland. We will survive, and you won't! I pray it doesn't come to that, but Mr. Terrorist don't rule it out!

Japan is a great friend, and allie of the United States, but at one time we were bitter enemies. The United States took drastic steps in WW II, but it was necessary for our survival! Don't push us too hard Mr. Terrorist, because we will survive at any cost!

Stop attacking our people. If you make the people "Citizens" of the United States of America to mad, they will pick up their guns and come to you! How would you like to have 240 million pissed Americans storming Afghanistan, or any other Country harboring terrorist? Believe me they wouldn't stop at Afghanistan either. You, and your terrorist networks has been around long enough. After we destroy Afghanistan, we will move on down to Iraq, Iran, Syria, and any other terrorist state we can find. "We The People" will not be concerned with offending anyone, we will not allow borders to stop us, we will crush anyone that stands in our way! "We The People" in the United States are like that, push us too far and we will destroy a dozen countries just to get to you! You think crashing a few airplanes into buildings is big news? We have the ability to lay waste to any Country that hides you, and if provoked too far we will! Do you really think that "We The People" of this Great Nation will allow a handful of Peon Cowards to beat us? Think again, We Won't! I may be just one Citizen of the United States of America, but I am backed by 240 million more!! The Citizens of the Unites States will do this if we have to. We will also have many million more people from other Countries standing beside of us when we march across the Countries harboring terrorist. We will lay waste to your part of the World Mr. Terrorist, and we will kill you.

Here is a list of the other countries that lost people when the cowards attacked us on September 11, 2001.

Argentina-4 Citizens Missing.

Australia-3 Citizens Dead, 20 Missing.

Austria-40 Citizens Missing.

Bangladesh-50 Citizens Missing.

Belgium-1 Citizen Missing.

Brazil-55 Citizens Missing.

Cambodia-20 Citizens Missing.

Canada-3 Citizens Dead, 35-50 Missing.

Chile-3 Citizens Missing.

China-2 Citizens Dead, 1 Missing.

Colombia-2 Citizens Dead, 295 Missing.

Czech Republic-66 Citizens Missing.

Denmark-5 Citizens Missing.

Dominican Rebublic-1 Citizen Dead, 7 Missing.

Ecuador-7 Citizens Dead, 20 Missing.

Egypt-4 Citizens Missing.

Germany-4 Citizens Dead, 120-150 Missing.

Ghana-4 Citizens Dead.

Guatemala-5 Citizens Missing.

Hong Kong-19 Citizens Missing.

Honduras-1 Citizen Dead.

India-91 Citizens Missing.

Indonesia-1 Citizen Dead, 1 Missing.

Ireland-4 Citizens Dead, 20 Missing.

Israel-2 Citizens dead, 8 Missing.

Italy-10 Citizens Missing.

Japan-2 Citizens Dead, 24 Missing.

Jordan-1 Citizen Missing.

Kenya-1 Citizen Missing.

Lebanon-2 Citizens Dead, 4 Missing.

Malaysia-4 Citizens Missing.

Mexico-19 Citizens Missing.

Netherlands-3 Citizens Dead.

Norway-1 Citizen Missing.

Pakistan-1 Citizen Dead, 20 Missing.

Paraguay-2 Citizens Missing.

Peru-1 Citizen Dead, 5 Missing.

Phillipines-2 Citizens Dead, 115 Missing.

Portugal-5 Citizens Dead.

Russia-117 Citizens Missing.

Spain-8 Citizens Missing.

South Africa-1 Citizen Dead, 5 Missing.

South Korea-15 Citizens Missing.

Sweden-1 Citizen Missing.

Switzerland-4 Citizens Dead, 2 Missing.

Thailand-2 Citizens Missing.

Turkey-131 Citizens Missing.

Taiwan-9 Citizens Missing.

Ukraine-1 Citizen Missing.

United Kingdom-100 Citizens Dead, 250 Missing.

United States-3390 Citizens Dead Or Missing.

Uruguay-1 Citizen Dead.

Venezuela-3 Citizens Missing.

Zimbabwe-2 Citizens Missing.

My advise to you Mr. Terrorist: Lay down your weapons and surrender!! Your punishment will just, and fitting for your crimes, and it will also be painless, For We Are A Civilized People! Timothy G. Vance Proud American!

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