The Symbol Of Freedom, Overlayed By The Symbol Of Power! These Two Symbols Are The Most Loved Symbols In The World! They Are Also The Most Frightening!

Just Ask Osama bin Laden, And The Taliban!
"BALES" Surname

BALES Ashley Brooke {b.1987}

BALES Cecil Henry {b. 1912}

BALES Donna {b. }

BALES Jeffery Thomas {b.}

BALES Jennifer {b.}

BALES Jerry Rondell {b. 1936}

BALES Jessie {b.}

BALES Kevin D. {b.}

BALES Larry Thomas {b.1937}

BALES Michael Ray {b.}

BALES Michael Stanley {b. 1940}

BALES Michael Stanley Jr. {b.}

BALES Rachel {b.}

BALES Regina {b.}

BALES Rosalee {b. }

BALES Sharon Layne {b. 1942}

BALES Sherri Marie {b.}

BALES Vicki Layne {b.}

This Is The Symbol Of Freedom Around The World! Let Freedom Ring!

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